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Loveland Bike Rental

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you take reservations?  No, we do not take reservations.  We have a lot of bikes and typically will have bikes available.  On busy summer days there may are a short wait for a bike.  Waiting can be avoided by renting early in the day or later in the afternoon.
  2. Do you have e-bikes?  No, we do not have any e-bikes.
  3. Can I rent a bike overnight or for multiple days?  Yes, we are happy to rent you a bike overnight and for multiple days.  Drop us an email at for details.
  4. Do you rent Tandem bikes?  At this point we are not renting tandem bikes.  
  5. Do you have any adult trikes?  We do not have any adult trikes.
  6. Where do I park?  Loveland has many different parking lots.
  7. Do you have kids seats that attach to bikes?  We do not have any seats that attach to bikes.  We do rent trailers - see below.
  8. How big are your trailers?  How many kids and weight?  Our trailers are sized to carry two small children with a total weight limit of 150 pounds.  Now you still have to pull them!!!
  9. Where can we eat along the trail?  Places to Eat
  10. Do you have helmets?  Helmets are provided with our rentals.
  11. When will your recumbents be available to rent?  At this point we don't have a timeline on the recumbents being available.  They are all down for repair and waiting on parts.  Unfortunately they are more difficult to maintain as rental bikes compared to our standard hybrids and cruisers.   Please monitor our Facebook page.  We will update there when they are available.